Using Computers In Classroom Essay

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In this technologically advanced century, the use of computers for classroom instruction is widespread. The use of computers for classroom instruction is a good starting point. (Friedman, 2013). Many school had started to use computers in classroom instruction because it makes lecturer easier for teaching and their students can easily understand. However, lecturer cannot be too dependent on computer because computer is an electronic product. For example, lecturer cannot attend class when a machine malfunction. Computer also has radiation, harmful and not long-term use. Although there are a few disadvantages, computers provide numerous advantages in classroom instruction such as lesson would be more appealing to students, reducing the burden of schoolbags to students, and increase lecture’s efficiency while teaching.…show more content…
Computers are extremely bad in classroom instruction, but there are some positive aspects that present it. The use of computer in classroom instruction as lessons would be more appealing to student. Lecturer can use some interesting pictures and also videos in the lesson, so students would not fall sleep easily. In addition, computer can excite student 's interest about the lesson. Undeniably, computers in classroom instruction can let the students pay attention in class. By using computer, they can search the information they need as fast as the thunder. In the other ways, computer also can save time for the lecturer and students. (Burns. 2010). Lecturer can save time in teaching because computer can access million pages of information on the internet. It can be in an incredibly fast time to do this, so lecturer complete the course in a short

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