Disadvantages Of Condoms

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1. The Pill
The pill contains estrogen and progestin. These two hormones stop ovulation and they inhibit the movement of sperm (Anon., 2008). The advantages of the pill are; it decreases a woman’s period pains and cramps, It decreases the woman’s risk of getting cancer on the ovaries and the lining of the uterus; it’s also safer than pregnancy and delivery (Anon., 2008). Even though there are many advantages there are also many disadvantages too these include; it doesn’t protect you against HIV/AIDS, the women taking the pill might miss some of her periods or might have a very short period, she may also experience headaches or depression, the pill is also expensive and it requires a prescription and in more serious cases it could cause blood clots (Anon., 2008). If the pill is used properly and consistently just 2 in 1000 women will fall pregnant. (Anon., 2008)

2. Condoms
The condom prevents any body fluids from mixing together;
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Some of the advantages are, there are no hormones or side effects and the penis can remain in the vagina after ejaculation (Anon., 2008). Some of the disadvantages are; you need to wash your hands with soap before inserting the diaphragm, if the women happens to go on holiday she has to take it with her, women must always make sure that once she has inserted the diaphragm, that it is covering the opening of the cervix and you shouldn’t use this method during your period (Anon., 2008). If this method is used properly only 6 in 100 women will fall pregnant in the first year of use. The diaphragm doesn’t protect one against HIV; it is advised that you use a condom as well as the diaphragm (Anon.,
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