The Importance Of Conscientious Objecting

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“For me, conscientious objection is not only about refusing to be a militant, but also fighting against the military spirit that is deeply ingrained in everyday life,” said Kim Sung-Min, who objected to performing military service because he is an pacifist(Fifield and Deane). Conscientious Objectors(C.O.) are the people who objects to performing military service due to their religious belief, ethical and moral problems. They are originated from the people in World War One. They insist that they can’t carry out military service because war have to kill sombody and killing people is barbarious action, and they said that they want peace, and war is an action of destroying peace. However, Conscientious Objectors are usually considered as criminals because refusing military service…show more content…
A national security for one’s nation is important, though, each person’s right with one’s consideration is also important too. So, objecting military service due to conscientious reasons is recognized by others. Conscientious objecting is one’s decision with right and consideration Your conscience is the part of your mind that tells you whether what you are doing is right or wrong. If you have a guilty conscience, you feel guilty about something because you know it was wrong. If you have a clear conscience, you do not feel guilty because you know you have done nothing wrong.(‘Meaning of “conscience” | Collins American English for Learners’) Literally, conscience means that one’s feel between guilty and innocence. Person who killed sombody on purpose or not, he or she will suffer the pain that comes from one’s ethic of human and feel guilty about one’s action because of one’s ‘conscience’. So they’ll have a big
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