Disadvantages Of Construction Industry

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Introduction: The basic measures of economic growth in a country is the rate of increase in the Gross national Product (GNP) of the economy, that is closely related the increase in the output of the capital goods sector, the consumer goods sector and the services sector. The construction industry belongs to the capital goods sector of the economy and produces tangible or visible assets in the form of buildings, roads, bridges etc. These end products of construction add to the GNP as capital assets and help, at the same time, increase the productivity of other sectors of the economy as well. A significant characteristic of the construction industry is that is has a short-time association, only for the duration of the construction period, with…show more content…
While in the housing sector it is almost 100%, in industry it is about 20% to 40% and about 80% in some infrastructural sectors. In all these fields, the role of the construction industry is that of a catalyst, boosting with multiplier effect, the activities and output of other sectors of the economy. Construction projects may be classified in different groups as under, depending on the type of construction. 1. Buildings : residential, office, apartment blocks, educational institutions, hospitals, recreation centers, laboratory, factory sheds, warehouses, different types of utility and services buildings etc. 2. Industrial structures supporting machinery, plant and equipments. 3. Structures for material handling…show more content…
To achieve these objectives during the implementation stage of a construction project, an efficient field management system is required to be developed for cost control, material management, human resource management, safety management and quality assurance. In addition , a regular Management Information System is needed at this stage for co-ordination and monitoring of activities of different participating agencies. The implementation of a construction project is started with the setting up of the basic infrastructural facilities like water supply, electricity, approach road, communication system and security. Human resources required directly on job as skilled, unskilled and semi-skilled labour, technicians and supervisory staff are engaged and institutional framework for accounting is made operative. Many of these activities come under the preview of the contractors, who are entrusted with construction work. During the progress of the work, inspections are regularly carried out to maintain and assure quality in construction. Proper co-ordination is maintained by the project authorities with all concerned through regular meetings, reporting and exchange of

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