Disadvantages Of Consumer Buying Behaviour

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A. Marketing Segmentation is basic to successful marketing strategies. It 's the process of defining large categories of population and prospective buyers and splits it into small markets and segments by common and similar needs, wants or demand characteristics. And the segmentation allows companies to target different categories of consumers who know the full value of certain products and services and this is the importance of it. Market segment consists of consumers who respond in a similar way to a given set of marketing efforts. Carrefour segments its customers to defining their needs and wants and offer large value and more effectively products and services. By the way Carrefour target more profitably and measure the return on…show more content…
1) Explain the types of consumer buying behavior. Consumer buying behavior is refers to the purchasing conduct of definite buyers people and families who purchase products and enterprises for individual consumption. Types of consumer buying behavior are complex buying behavior Buyers experience complex purchasing conduct when they are very required in a buy and aware of significant contrasts among brands. Consumers are highly included when the item is costly, purchased rarely, unsafe and very self-expressive. Ordinarily the customer does not know much about the item class and has much to learn. Dissonance-Reducing buying behavior happens when customers are exceptionally required with a costly, rare, or dangerous buy yet observe little distinction among brands. For instance, buyers purchasing covering may confront a high contribution choice since covering is costly and self-expressive. After the buy, shoppers may encounter post buy cacophony (feel of disappointment) when they see certain detriments of the bought thing or hear good things about the other unselected…show more content…
The 4ps or marketing mix are a set of tools which used to facilitate the marketers work they are can be defined as product, price , place and promotion . each one of this helping to satisfy customers by applying them all . the product factor used to illustrate the product features, branding and many other uses, the fruit durian and mangosteens they are a preferred fruit to Thailand 's people Carrefour packaging it and offer it in the right way while price we offer it at low prices, place the availability to the customer we are near to you. While promotion by making extensive sales promotion like sales brochure distributed within Carrefour stores . by building profitable relationship with customers marketers design strategies according to their interests there are many philosophies to be adopt but which one will be suitable for Carrefour to adopt facilitate its operation worldwide. The production orientation means that the consumer prefer the products that are available and affordable to them. So the management should focus on the production and also the distribution that will make it available every

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