Disadvantages Of Consumer Vulnerability

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Consumer vulnerability has wide range of application for the seller. Vulnerability refers to the change which takes place by the change of situation or circumstances. Actually it refers to the negative change. People may suffer from- 1) Financial problem due to his changes. 2) A person can become more isolated, may not share things with his relatives and friends. 3) They may or may not participate in social activities. 4) They tends to avoid the crowd. Vulnerability can come from the company side as well, company perception or behaviour change can also put an massive effect on consumer mind. These are also considered as change. So it can come from of the sides. So these changes may affect the consumer as well. There is a inter-related situation with vulnerability and value. A seller try to sell his product base on his customer’s value. If this value changing continues what will happen to the seller? Yes that is a burning question. Seller business will face a mess. Basically changing values of customers need changes in seller value. Seller try to put a perceived value in the product to manage it a price. Considering the value. We will see the impact of value changes in consumer prospective. 1) Value guides consumer purchase- people search for value in their product. So the previous history of purchasing and purchasing guides him to buy a product. 2) Life-cycle- life cycle of a consumer sometimes changes the perception towards a product. Young and mature people must have
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