Disadvantages Of Context In Transmedia

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Paratext(s) in transmedia encompasses many things, it doesn’t rely on one sole attribute or peripheral. And, while paratext(s) is more of an incorporation of various text or sub-features associated to a main brand feature, it is not a main feature. It may grow and spin-off to be a feature of its own but it certainly isn’t conceived that way. Paratext(s) in media have many life lines since they are variable and set in no one place or station. However, they do have limitations and advantages. This essay will discuss, compare and contrast and argue how paratext(s) alter the outcome of a media feature, more specifically how movie trailers and marketing have explicit margins to work within for an intended outcome in regard to the classical cinema…show more content…
The industry cerates paratextual items based off successful branded features and the audience accepts or rejects them. The notion is, that people like a particular original feature, they will come back and consume more, so why not produce sequels or other related peripherals (paratexts). This is not to say great effort is not put into creating and generating new content or original programming. Great effort is put into creating new content, rebuffing existing and regenerating old content. However, this effort although most times mean well, with good intentions is where things get tricky. Trailers and posters for new films for example, are (sometimes) the first tangible paratextual item released in the film’s advertising campaign. The purpose of a movie trailer is mainly to target an audience and give a bit of an insight to let them know what to expect, but making sure not to spoil the movie and most off all to drive ticket sells. This is where creating movie trailers becomes an art…show more content…
Henson, and how the not just the trailer but the posters and ad campaigns misled its intended audience and demographics. The movie was directed, shot and edited in a classical cinema style, but the trailer although stile classical cinema style gave the perception of it being an action film. However, the film turned out to be a crime drama with some action. The ad campaign as well (including trailers), stylized Proud Mary as being a modern Blaxploitation crime/action film, appealing to the Black empowerment movement taking place currently in the film industry and generally in society. This play or bait and switch perpetrated on the public may have been unintended but certainly did the movie a disservice, once word of mouth took over

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