Contraceptive Sponge Advantages And Disadvantages

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Contraceptive Sponge The contraceptive sponge is places into the vagina aligning the cervix3. This acts as a barrier to prevent semen from entering the cervix3. The advantage of using the contraceptive sponge is that it is easy to use, it is relatively inexpensive and available without prescription4. The disadvantages are that is does not provide constant protection. Inserting the product may cause infections of the vagina area. Some woman find it inserting and removing it correctly. Sponges need to be placed in a cool, clean and dry place before use. There is a 16% risk of a woman falling pregnant. The contraceptive sponge does not protect you from contracting HIV. Diaphragm The diaphragm is inserted into the vagina and placed at the cervix4. The diaphragm prevents semen from entering the cervix and is placed with a coating of spermicide that aids in killing the semen3. Advantage of using the Diaphragm is that it gives woman a fairly good control over contraception. It can be put in several hours before sexual intercourse. There are no hormone side effects of using it3. Disadvantages are that is does not provide adequate protection from HIV. Condoms are needed as well in protection of HIV. The diaphragm must be firmly inserted before intercourse4. Gaining weight or…show more content…
The signs help us thus determine whether or not the female would fall pregnant on the given day of intercourse. The advantages are that the female gets to know and understand their bodies better, they can also improve their PMS symptoms. This method helps contribute to the effectiveness of other contraceptive methods such as condoms or withdrawal. The disadvantages of this method is that it is not always accurate, this method also does not protect against HIV or other STD’s. This method requires daily observation of the different signs of fertility. With this method 20% of all people fall

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