Disadvantages Of Cooking

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Cooking is something we do in a routine. Most people do the cooking because they can’t eat raw or packed food everyday (Davis, n.d.) . Cooking the food can be done in a different - different ways,by which the food taste better. There is always a something new and excited to do with cooking, it can never get boring. It can become a great interest for some peoples since the cooking can be the beginning of their creation and has always been improved. Cooking can never be a thing that can be changed in terms from hobby because most of the cultures like to cook at home and it can be save money and can also be healthier.

Some people don’t prefer to eat out on a daily basis because it can be unhealthy and expensive. Cooking can be an artform, and just like any other form, you need to really love it to be able to develop it as a hobby. Cooking is an excellent hobby to have because it lets one experiment, diverts the mind by cooking, feeds a family. Cooking is an excellent hobby because it allows the cook to do different types of experiments by trying out new recipes. Experiments can be simple and challenging, as they can be like putting the pieces together for a puzzle. (Davis, n.d.). Experimenting can teach the cook many different cultures, as well.

Cooking can also diverts the mind from a daily stressful life. Cooking at home and making healthy food for the family can be a hobby for a mother, after coming home from a long day at work. A mother can

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