Disadvantages Of Cooperative Learning

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Clarke et al. (2013) explains that it is difficult to determine if the student is deficit in the area of word recognition or linguistic comprehension. Assessments vary and results can change depending on which assessment is utilized. Several other factors, such as evaluating eye movements, vocabulary, and word meanings, need to be included to determine what type of comprehension deficit is present. It is also beneficial to determine if the student is familiar with multiple languages as this can lower a student’s comprehension level (Clarke et al., 2013).
Cooperative Learning One way to increase comprehension is through cooperative learning. When this strategy is implemented in a classroom, students are required to work together towards a common goal. This strategy can be added to the classroom in a variety of ways, but
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Cooperative learning groups work best if all group members have their own role and individual work to complete for the group goal (Ingel & Urquhart, 2012). Another aspect of cooperative learning that is important to be cognizant of is the social aspect. Students enjoy the opportunity to interact with each other, but this can also have some negative impacts. Some students may see the group assignment as an excuse to not put forth as much effort. In order to curb any withdraw, teachers must discuss proper group behaviors with the students. Assigning individual parts will also encourage students to work their hardest and understand that their assignment is a vital aspect of the project. However, more positive outcomes have been found than negative. A study by Mulryan (1995) supports that students are more engaged in cooperative learning groups than when information is presented

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