Correctional Programs Analysis

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The correctional programs that should be implemented are education and developing working skills program, psychological counseling and group session therapy program, community-based support programs, and contemplative programs.
Without a doubt, the pervasiveness of the education and developing work-related skills programs mirrors the standing conviction that education and work abilities—learned in gaining these aptitudes—are fundamental to securing occupation and being a profitable individual (RUSHFAN, 2008). The program will be used to educate the prison inmates as well as help them in developing real life skills.
Courses in the education program include developing job searching skills, interview-handling skills, and skills to manage finance.
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The aim of this program is to help the inmates get rid of their criminal behavior as well as their criminal tendencies. By providing counseling and group therapy session, the prisoners get the support and motivation to perform better in developing working skills, learning and getting rid of their criminal tendencies. Inmates seeking for mental help and group support for their problems are eligible for this program. Inmates who only wish to chat with others who have the same problems as them are also eligible. The intended outcome of this program is that the inmates get motivated to perform better. The inmates get the psychological help that they need to get rid of their bad habits. Another correctional program that can be replicated is the community support based program. In this program, the prisoner will be able to go outside the prison under supervision. The prisoner would have to return to the prison by a specific pre-set time. The inmate can get specialized counseling and treatment services and even life skill education…show more content…
In this program, a meeting will be held between the inmates and the victim of the inmate’s crime under the supervision of a meditator. The victim will be able to speak what they felt, and the inmate will have to repeat. After the victim is finished, the offender will get a chance to speak. The idea is that the inmate gets to apologize to the victim, and the inmate and the victim can get closure from the ordeal. The eligibility criterion for this program is that the inmates have shown positive behavior for over 50 weeks at least. Another eligible criterion is that the inmate is genuinely remorseful for his crime and wishes to meet the victim to idolizes and get

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