Disadvantages Of Corruption

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God created man, man created money, and money made man mad. If a person has money, he can follow the set course, and if no, then he will have to face a number of challenges. Money has become so important to man that he forgot about humanity. Any little thing becomes expensive nowadays. Ordinary people can not live the way they want to, they are looking for any way to survive .It has created bribery and corruption.
 To be able to speak through the admissibility of individual bribes in a country where corruption is widespread, we must know what it is, why it is spread, what methods of decision taken to combat what types are there, to understand what the pluses and minuses, and understand why it. To begin with, Corruption - a term denoting…show more content…
Private companies pay more bribes. They pay them more frequently and this is a big problem for the activity. Small firms pay more bribes as a proportion of their income than larger companies. Not all companies confirmed the same effect by corruption. Foreign-owned companies pay less bribes, as well as larger and older firms, state-owned enterprises, as well as companies in the small towns or rural areas. The level of corruption is still higher in those countries where the weaker policies, as well as where the authorities weaker. One of the most visible areas of taxation reforms there. European and Asian countries have made a single tax. In countries at this time to identify the most significant reduction in the level of corruption in tax administration, and in matters of tax evasion. Two other areas in which reforms lead to lower levels of corruption in some countries with economies in transition, is the customs and business regulation. A significant reduction in bribery at customs in many countries is not very surprising, since entrepreneurs have done everything to improve customs legislation. Many countries have made investments in information technology to…show more content…
In many countries, employers are paying bribes less frequently and in relatively smaller sizes (as a share of income) and they view corruption as less of a problem for the operation and growth of their businesses. Since corruption is becoming more significant problem associated with the development, an even more important role is played by monitoring corruption. This is the big advantage for the European and national economies in transition, monitoring has shown that policy reforms can have a significant impact. In the last few years there has been significant economic growth and corruption has decreased. Major role played by personal qualities, strong leaders are needed to develop and push forward the reforms. Managers need to understand where there is corruption, as well as what measures the government can influence it.

 To sum up, the main corruption evident in the transition countries. Problems of corruption has always been and will be. However, there are many countries with very low levels of corruption. It is necessary to strugle with corruption. Means of dealing with economic and corruption is considered a more clear definition of the rights of the business, as well as guarantees of protection. There are several rules in the fight against corruption. From a formal point of view, if there is no state - there will be no corruption. The ability of people at this stage of development work
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