Disadvantages Of Criminal Sentencing

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Sentencing is when a judge decides what the criminal justice system should do with a person that has been found guilty of committing an offence. A sentencing can only happen when all the relevant information and facts have been heard by the judge and the jury, and when the defendant has been proven to be guilty for committing the crime. If there is no jury present in a case the judge will decide whether he/she is guilty.
(C. Quirke, 2018)

Types of sentencing-
The judge has three of imprisonment options available to him/her
1. Mandatory sentence
Commonly known as a life sentence, this is a sentence that criminals get for doing serious or violent crimes. For committing murder, a person will receive a mandatory sentence. Although a criminal may receive a mandatory sentence, they may be granted temporary or early release from prison. The average mandatory sentence served in Ireland is 12 years.
(citizensinformation.ie, 2014)

2. Maximum sentence
The law has maximum sentences for all crimes. A maximum sentence is used by a judge to decide what sentence he is going to give to the criminal. An example of this is when a person has been found guilty of violent disorder can only receive a maximum of 10 years in prison
(C. Quirke, 2018)

3. Minimum sentence

This is when an inmate returns committing illegal activity after their release from prison. In the midlands prison, officer John Harris said that 60% of prisoners reoffended. Similar to
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