Disadvantages Of Cross Cultural Communication

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If we want to understand a people, so it is necessary to try to put ourselves, as far as we can, in that particular historical and cultural background and It is not easy for a person of one country to enter into the background of another country. So it make (someone) annoyed or a little angry because it is so difficult for someone to immediately accepted by the other party. But that extreme irritation will go when we think he is just differently conditioned and simple words mean he can 't get out of that condition. One has to recognize that whatever the future may hold, countries and people differ .In their approach to life and how they live in this beautiful words and how they thing about this
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Communication includes any behavior that another human become aware and explain the meaning of that and it is your ability of judgment of what I mean. communication include encoding both nonverbal messages (tone of voice, facial expression, behavior, and physical setting)and verbal messages (words).It contain consciously sent messages as well as messages that the sender is fully unaware of encoding. At all I say and do, I cannot help communicate therefore Communication engaged in a multilayered, complex, dynamic process through which we share meaning .first condition of communication is must sender(encoder) and receiver(decoder) without it we cant communicate. Encoding shows the message has been send and decoding shows message has been receiving the sender must be sure that his/her message is easily catch the receiver. He or she must try to communicate with simple words or symbols and make sure symbol which he use receiver understand or…show more content…
Evaluation involves judging whether someone or something is good or bad. Cross-culturally, we use our own culture as a standard of measurement, judging that which is like our own culture as normal and good and that which is different as abnormal and bad. Our own culture becomes a self-reference criterion: since no other culture is identical to our own, we judge all other cultures as inferior (substandard). Evaluation rarely helps in trying to understand or communicate with people from another culture. A American executive waits more than two hour past the appointed time for his Indian person to arrive and sign a supply contract. In his impatience, he thinks that Indian must be lazy and totally unconcerned about business. He has misevaluated about Indian person by negatively comparing him to his own cultural standards. Implicitly, he has labeled his own group 's behavior as good (he arrive on time and that is good) and the other group 's behavior as bad (Indian do not arrive on time and that is
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