Cryptography Research Paper

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Cryptography is one of widely used technique of secret writing which is the term used for data and information security and protects that information from various attacks. Cryptography is the process of converting a known text or plaintext into a human unreadable format called cipher text by encoding the original message using some encoding technique. Security is concerned with the protection of the network and data transmission over the network. Data Security is the most essential aspect of secure data transmission over the network. But to achieve complete data security is a challenging issue of data communication. The conventional methods of encoding are not strong enough to provide the data security. The information could be accessed by…show more content…
Recent research has shown DNA as a medium for large-scale computation system. One potential key application is DNA based cryptography. A large number of researcher groups take initiative to implement
DNA concept in applications like cryptography, scheduling, clustering, forecasting and even trying to apply this in signal and image processing applications [3]. DNA computing is more generally known as molecular computing. Computing with DNA, offers a completely new paradigm for computation. The main idea
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The sender would transform this selected DNA sequence Sq into a new sequence of DNA along with extra information by incorporating the
DNA sequence Sq with the encoded form of secret message M. This transformed encoded message is called cipher text that is being sent by a sender to the receiver end along with many other DNA sequences.
In order to provide better security in dada transmission scenario, a new method of encryption process is proposed here. This proposed encryption algorithm is works on the byte values of the message (plaintext). In this algorithm, byte values are extracted from the plaintext. These byte values are signed numbers (-128 to
+127). In order to make those unsigned for effective mathematical operations, we add 128 to each byte value
(0 to 255) [5]. A Master key is shared through a secure channel between sender and receiver prior to communication establishment. The Master key can also be shared in between two parties using various public key encryption processes like RSA, Diffie-Helman key exchange etc. The round 1 key for encryption is calculated based on the response of a random number generator and the information about the key are send
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