Disadvantages Of Cybercrime

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1.To help others understand and prioritize the types of cybercrime.

Cybercrime is a real and tremendous growing industry. The return are great, and the risks are low. As people do more business online,criminal are developing even more sophisticated way to break into the system and steal information, take control of computer and defraud companies and individuals. Cybercrime refer to criminal offenses committed using the Internet or another computer network as a component of the crime. According to the Communication and Multimedia Deputy Minister Datuk Jailani Johari,he said that cybercrime in the country had increased to 10,636 cases last year from 9,986 cases the previous year. He said that statistic from Malaysia Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCERT) showed incidents on malicious codes had the highest increase with 1,106 more cases recorded last year, from 645 cases in 2012.This paper focusing on help the Malaysian to understand and prioritize the type of cybercrime.

Cyberterrorism refers to premeditated, politically motivated use of computer and information technology to cause fear among people, demonstrate power, collecting information relevant fir ruining people’s lives, robberies, blackmailing and etc.This categories includes using sabotaging air traffic control computer systems to cause planes to collide or crash;hacking into hospital database and changing or deleting information that could result in incorrect, dangerous treatment of a patient.

Cyberfraud is
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