2 Dimethyl Sulfoxide Research Paper

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2 Dimethyl sulfoxide(DMSO)
Dimethyl sulfoxide(DMSO) was first introduced in 1963 by a research team headed by Stanley W Jacob at the university of Oregon Medical School. This drug has many useful medical applications [Spring 1995]. Scientists at Washinton University,School of medicine, St Louis and university of Arakansas Department of Dermatology, was looking for a topical agent that would produce anaesthesia for painful surgery. 70% DMSO was reported as a most effective agent. DMSO is a potent scavenger of the free radical but maintaining normal integrity of cells and tissues. DMSO acts as synergistic drug with other therapeutic agents [Dake1967].
DMSO is bacteriostatic in 20% concentration against Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus sp and
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Antimicrobial drug resistance has prompted the development of several alternative strategies. Among these strategies, nanoscale materials, nanocomposites have emerged as significant and novel antimicrobial agents. Nanomaterials, typically 0.2–100 nm in size, have a high surface-to-volume ratio; this increases their interaction with microorganisms, which in turn improves their antimicrobial activity. Nanomaterials can be useful for in vivo and in vitro biomedical research and applications. The integration of nanomaterials with biology has led to the development of diagnostic devices, contrast agents, analytical tools, physical therapy applications, molecular sensors and drug delivery vehicles. From all nanomaterials with antibacterial properties, metallic nanoparticles provide the best results. Several types of NPs, including various Molecules of 30 metal and metal oxides, have been developed and evaluated by different research groups; examples include silver (Ag), gold (Au), Ag oxide (Ag2O), zinc oxide (ZnO), titanium dioxide (TiO2), calcium oxide (CaO), copper oxide (CuO), magnesium oxide (MgO), and silicon dioxide
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