Disadvantages Of Database And Spreadsheet

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Nowadays, information is getting bigger and people can gain a lot of information easily as there are many technology that can be used by people to gain or search for the information. People can easily find the information if all the data about the information is been keep and organise accordingly. Besides, it is easier for people to digest an organise data instead of non-organise data. There are several application that can be used by people to ensure that they can cope with a huge amount of data, for example, database and spreadsheet. Database is collection of data that is related to each other and it also can be easily access by people. Whereas, spreadsheet is one of the computer software that have an ability to kindle a paper
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This is because if they decide to use database they have to learn many thing as database is quite complicated to use compare spreadsheet. However, if we looking in the long-run it is better for the company or individual to use database as the number of information is getting more and more every moments. So, the best solution is we have to use database system as database can stored many information and we also can easily tracked our information compare to spreadsheet.
There are several advantages that database has over spreadsheet;
1. Integration data
The data quality checks of database is better compare to spreadsheet because by using database it allow us to set the certain variable and we also can check and track the information that have been duplicated by others.
2. Resource efficiency
By using database it allow us to integrated data into one database from multiple source and application. By this, it make all of our data to be organise and easy to search or tracked. This specification also can be apply on spreadsheet but it require another application.
3. User
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Growth efficiency
By using database, when the amount of information install by user increase, the size of database will constant or does not show a lot of increment compare to spreadsheet. So the time takes when user want to plot a graph or tabulate a table is less as the size of the database is small.
The relationship between users, database application and database
A database application is a software programs that was created to help user to easily cope, organise and tracked all the information. There are several type of the database applications that are always use by the small and big business or company such as Microsoft Access, FileMaker Pro, Oracle, SQL Server and others.

Figure 3: The relationship between users, database and database applications
The flow of this process;
1. Users send request to database.
2. Then, the request that have been made by users are transport via database application.
3. After, the request arrived at the database, the database process the request and then, transport the processed request result back to the user via database application.
Based on figure 5.28 in the text-book:

Figure 4: The entities, attributes and identifier of employee and
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