Disadvantages Of Database Management System Essay

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Fundamentals of Database Management Systems

What is a Database?
Database is a collection of data.
Mostly the data in the database specially focus on a one organization and have relationship among them. Earlier times those databases were file base databases and not computerized .While using those file base databases many errors occurred and there were many Disadvantages. Nowadays Databases are computerized.
What is a Database Management System? (DBMS)
DBMS is a Software Designed to assist in maintaining and utilizing a database.

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Evolution of Database Management System

In earlier time computers mainly focused on the data storing and manipulating. In 1950 and Earlier 1960 Data processing for storage was done by magnetic tapes and
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In the present lot of data came online and use of DBMS is very high. Multimedia databases, interactive video, digital libraries, a host of scientific projects such as the human genome mapping effort and Earth Observation System project of NASA and many other companies put their data online to publish their information on business.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Database Management Systems approach vs. File Based Systems approach
What is a File Based System?

“A file based system is a collection of application programs that perform services for the users wishing to access information. Each program within a file based system defines and manages its own data. Because of this, there are limits as to how that data can be used or transported.”
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File Based System Weakness &

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