Disadvantages Of Database Security

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Database Security
Database security has become a growing concern all over the world and this may be due to many reasons. Most important is that data and information saved on database systems are always very important and very sensitive which means that these data need to be really secure and can not be accessed by any user. Many problems have raised from database system breaching and accessing sensitive data by non-authorized or non-authenticated users, and that is another reason why database security is very important today.

Access Controls
Access Controls are simply one of the main methods used by database systems today to secure their data and content. When it comes to defining access control, we can simply say that Access control is a
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The security administrator configures the LBAC system by creating security label components. A security label component is a database object that represents a criterion you want to use to determine if a user should access a piece of data.

Benefits of RBAC Over Other Types of Access Control
Role based access control is preferred today as a security technique for securing the database of many companies and organization all over the world today, over other types of access controls. And this is due to many reasons, I am going to specify here two or three main reasons.

1. It reduces the work of database administrator or IT administrator. Since the RBAC system is based on defining roles and their privileges instead of defining rights for each single employee, it is easier to keep these roles maintained and reviewed over regular periods whatever the number of the hired employees or their status.

2. Improving compliance. All organizations are subject to federal, state and local regulations. With an RBAC system in place, companies can more easily meet statutory and regulatory requirements for privacy and confidentiality as IT departments and executives have the ability to manage how data is being accessed and
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Improving Efficacy of Database security and Organization tasks. That can be achieved by defining the roles for each organization and the rights for each role at the same time. That way it will be easier for each worker in the organization to know his/her rights based on his/her role, instead of setting specific rights for each member, which would take a lot of time and effort, and will not be efficient on the long run especially with promotions and changing roles in the
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