Disadvantages Of Decision Making

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Decision making is the procedure of making the decision by identify the goal, collecting information and find out alternative resolutions. We needs to optimize, or determine the best solution for the problem. There are four type discussion making model, the mode is directly effect to final decision. So, we should carefully to identify which is most appropriate for the company.
I 'm going to discuss each type of discussion making model, including Rational Model, Bounded Rationality Model, Political Model and Group Decision Making Model. Then make a conclusion, finally I will provide the recommendation in this situation.
First of all, let me introduce the advantages and disadvantages of outsourced for this situation. Using in house staff can ensure
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The concept that the action can infringe a rational precept or fail to conform to a norm of ideal rationality but nevertheless be consistent with the pursuit of an appropriate set of goals or objectives. Bounded rationality just is a hypothesis, even the advice is rational. Also, the models of bounded rationality have censor themselves of outstanding work.
The expertise issue usually due to setting up, understanding and summarizing the information usable. Because there no one is an expert in every part, even the data can analyse by computer, the decision maker will even require specific skills to expound the solutions that have been made. If resources are limited, otherwise lack of information and capability to analyse limited decisions. One of disadvantages of the method is the lack of time also lead to suboptimal decisions as in this case the decision-maker does not have time to evaluate all the choices and come to a rational choice. While lack of time leads to improper and sub optimal decisions, as one does not have the required time to process the information
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Also, identify and evaluate alternative courses of action, and select from among the alternatives a solution. The decisions from multiple perspectives can be active. There is much argue related the difference results in decisions which is better or worse. Also, it is very easy for the opinions of some to be affect or operate by other members of the group. This means that having access to fair opinions is not always possible.
The group may bring many greater alternatives, that may higher quality than individual. Then it is likely that the group will reach a superior problem solution than the individual finally. Group members can identify more perfect and possible solutions and recommendations through discussion.
Another advantage is they can share information in group of the group decision-making procedure. Group decisions will consider a wide scale of information since each group member can offer their unique information and expertise. It can help to increase understanding and clarify issues, and promote a collective decision of

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