Disadvantages Of Decision Support System

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1.0 INTRODUCTION Decision is the result or resolution that has been chosen from a variety of alternatives provided. It also related with the activity on how to decide or making decision in solve the problem. Decision theory is the theory on how users making decision through application or system. There are three types of perspective that involved in decision theory which are descriptive decision theory, prescriptive decision theory and normative decision theory. Descriptive decision theory means the theory on how users make decision through their understanding for certain tasks. Prescriptive decision theory is the theory of users on how they should make decision. This theory explains about how users can making decision based on view or ideas from others people. Normative decision theory is the theory on how decision would be made through hypothesis or perspectives. Figure 1: Angle of Decision Theory

From these theory, it also involved Decision Support System (DSS) in their process to make it more effective when solve the problem. Decision Support System (DSS) is the collection of people, procedures, software, database and devices that organized when making decision or solve problem (Ralph & George, 2011). DSS is more focusing on the effective decision making when facing semi-structured or unstructured problem happened in information field. According to Ralph and George (2011), the characteristics of Decision Support System (DSS) are allows users to access
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