Disadvantages Of Democracy

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Democracy is the governmental form of people coming together to rule themselves. In order for this to be maintained there are three major pieces that must be in place. The first is an inclusive, large and informed electorate. The second is a system of checks and balances and the third is term limits for all elected official. Without these three policies it is impossible to truly call a government a democracy.

A democracy is a form of government where the people ruling are viewed as equal to those being ruled. It is “a system of rule by the poor and disadvantaged.” In a democracy a person should not come to power based on money or family lineage, but on their ideas and how widely they are accepted. The ruler should always be the person who best mediates the most ideas into one. Because true democracy disincentives career politicians and instead opt for whomevers ideas are best, finding one in the modern world is very rare. What is far more common is an electoral oligarchy, where people can raise themselves to power, but only after conforming to and joining the political aristocracy. In order to create and maintain a true democracy the three guidelines of, informed voters, checks and balances and term limits must be strictly enforced. Without any one of these policies, the state will wane. Members of leadership will always try to enhance their own power and states must be assembled in such a way as to limit such attempts. A “modern political democracy is a system of
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