Demographic Transition: The Four Stages

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A demographic transition is divided into four stages in which it includes the changes that happen within a population .These changes are those of birth and death rates in which it changes from high levels to lower levels with having a low rate of natural increase, and usually these changes happen because of how a country’s standard of living starts to develop not only that but also how their economy starts to develop and how the country is operating in general. Each country has had witnessed a certain type of stage in which they either have faced advantages in facing those stages or have had faced disadvantages in facing any of those stages. Now as mentioned earlier the demographic transition consists of four stages in which each stage represents…show more content…
Which means that there’s a high death rate which is the number of annual births per one thousand and birth rate which is the number of annual deaths per one thousand according to (Grover, Drew/ Stage 1), and therefore that results in having a population size that is not changing much and is constant. So we see here that the population is barely changing and that the birth rate as well the death rate are almost equal which then goes back to the fact that there are slight differences occurring within the population and almost none as stated by(Lye, Diane N.). One might ask of why could those two rates be equal and the answer is that there are many factors to why in stage one both death and birth rates are almost equal and that there are small changes occurring and almost none occurring. For example one of those factors is that people in the past were still in the first stage and that’s for many reasons including that of society’s and cultures as well as the ways of finding sources such as food by specific societies, and etc., as mentioned by (Rubenstein, James M). Therefore the societies ways of living influenced their population not only that was an influence but also the fact that those people in ancient times didn’t have much access to technology or medicine and many other things that nowadays people have access to and thus this also affected their population and that’s why they were in such stages as stage one. The fact that there’s a high birth rate is it’s because there is a high death rate so it’s in response of each other as the population is trying to maintain balance and replace the dead’s with the new born infants according to (Grover, Drew/ Stage 1). Another fact is that usually In the past people in order for them to eat they used to use the hunting and gathering method and it was used to keep the population fed and alive, when food was there to
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