Disadvantages Of Digital Business

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Introduction “Companies today are rushing headlong to become more digital…This often results in piecemeal initiatives or misguided efforts…[regarding their use of social media platforms]” (Dorner and Edelman, 2015:1) In a society where social media has a profound impact on businesses we ask ourselves just how effective can it be? And if not effective, what are the negative impacts? The aim of this report was to research and understand what exactly digital means, the importance of the digital world to companies today and how they use it to the best of their ability for the positive performance of their business. Through our research of academic and peer reviewed articles and journals we learn how digital space can provide a world of opportunities to organisations as we focus in on the hospitality industry and the hotels who make the most of the digital platforms available. We are aware that many companies are rushing to become digital in order to reap the awards of these opportunities, but we look at how they surge to be effective or in some cases fail and see a decline in their digital popularity scale. North, 2014 discusses how consumers have little or no loyalty to brands and are willing to move from one digital platform to another as technology changes. Yvonne – Introduction (600) Aoife – Conclusion & Part A (800) Nadia – Referencing & Formatting & Part B (300) John – Technology Paragraph. (500) What is digital? Most people would associate ‘being digital’
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