Disadvantages Of Digital Media

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The 21st Century, the age of digitization, is facing a huge transition from print to digital media, thus giving way to a new era in the world history that can be called as the Information Age. In simple words, we may define Digital Media as any content, may be video, audio, text, etc. created in machine readable format. This content can be viewed, shared and stored on the digital electronic devices in various formats. With each passing day, the rise of digital media can be measured from the increasing dependency on it to such an extent that one cannot imagine completing his day to day activities without its usage. Its impact can be noticed in almost every business sector be it entertainment, education, journalism, Information Technology, healthcare, sports, publishing, gaming, etc. The impact further leads to a combination of both advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage which can be noticed from the rise of…show more content…
Owing to it, most of the universities are offering distance learning programs and degrees. Even the corporates are also opting for these learning processes to train their employees for better outcomes and knowledge enhancement. They hire professionals, may be individual or a company, who prepares E-learning material and various softwares and subsequently provide training either in person or through online medium and also track their performances. All this and much more is possible because of the appropriate usage of digital media. While the current generation is taking complete advantage of the digital media, they fail to realise that the main factor that has given rise to it is the Internet. Without the internet, this would not have been possible to such a large extent. While I have mentioned quite a few advantages of the digital media, I cannot undermine the fact that every advantage comes with its own disadvantage
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