Disadvantages Of Discrete Mathematics

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There are several important reasons for studying discrete mathematics. First, through this course you can develop your mathematical maturity: that is, your ability to understand and create mathematical arguments.You will not get very far in your studies in the mathematical sciences without these skills.
Second, discrete mathematics is the gateway to more advanced courses in all parts of the mathematical sciences. Discrete mathematics provides the mathematical foundations for many computer science courses including data structures, algorithms, database theory, automata theory, formal languages, compiler theory, computer security, and operating systems. Students nd these courses much more dicult when they have not had the appropriate mathematical foundations from discrete math.
Also, discrete mathematics contains the necessary mathematical background for solving problems in operations research (including many discrete opti- mization techniques), chemistry, engineering, biology, and so on. In the text, we will study applications to some of these areas.
We can avoid these tedious calculations considerably by noting the similar- ities in these problems and solving them in a more general way.By trying out,a general formula can be made.Now we have interpreted the formula in a certain way. But it can be interpreted in a number of di erent ways. In fact it can mean anything. Thus if one wants to be rigorous, and absolutely sure about the correctness of

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