Disadvantages Of Diversity In The Workplace

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2-5-1 Advantages of workforce diversity
-High level of Productivity: Increasing productivity at the workplace has been one of the major challenges for managers and leaders and to the company in general. Due to the fact that every organization has its own unique company structure and objectives, different strategies may be used to challenge or address the company in order to increase productivity. One of those strategies involves adopting workplace diversity and managing it effectively. When management takes the welfare of its workers at heart by means of offering them proper compensation, health care and employee appraisal, It enables workers to feels they belong to the company irrespective of their cultural background by remaining loyal and hardworking which helps to increase the company’s productivity and profit.
- Creativity increases: When people with different ways of solving difficult problems work together towards a common solution. There is no one best answer to any question the more ideas you can obtain from different people, the more likely you are to develop a workable answer. Other cultures can offer insightful alternatives Americans might not have considered. This is a tremendous advantage of diversity in the workplace.
-Exchange of varieties of ideas and Team work: In recent times teamwork is increasingly advocated by businesses and organizations as a means of assuring better outcomes on tasks and also for the delivery of goods and services. A single person

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