Disadvantages Of Diversity Management

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Diversity management is an important issue faced by managers and their organizations. In present working environment, co-workers may be of different age, race, gender, religion, cultural background and ethnicity. (Fredrick Wawire Otike, 2014). They may have various lifestyle, beliefs, behaviors, expectations, skills and experiences, choices available, perspectives, attitudes and value system. These issues are not only intolerant but they change the demand and nature placed on management and leadership and the concept of diversity get prominent. How well or how prepared managers are able to invest in the concept of diversity will affect not only on work issues but also on sympathy to legal compliance, customer’s needs, profitability, business’…show more content…
One of the disadvantages of diversity is conflict increment in workplace. Conflicts basically arise when two or more groups or individuals do not see things the same way on a particular situation. (Ayesha Binte Safiullah, 2015).Conflicts also arises due to ignorance. Prejudice feelings or critical comments cause a lack of acceptance. Most commonly conflict arises when one feel superior. Company’s performance probably degrades by ignoring such conflicts. If conflicts managed and controlled properly the company’s performance and creativity can be enhanced. Employers will put more energy into work to get acceptance by inventions or creating a solution. Labor turnover and absenteeism increments are another disadvantage in a diverse workplace (Nadeem Iqbal et al., 2014).

Workforce diversity increases labor absenteeism and turnover in the organizations for employee productivity and satisfaction. Employees who recognize themselves as valued associates of their organization are harder working, involved and inventive (Eugene Saltson et al., 2015). Unfortunately, minority-group associates often feel less valued than do majority-group members due to ethnocentrism, typecasting and prejudice (Badreya al-Jenaibi, 2011).The Mismanagement of diversity in the form of denied access or negative treatment can have undesirable significances, such as motivation and inhibiting
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As when organizations face labor shortage they can’t allow themselves to eliminate a substantial share of the labor force. Diversity address a wide range of issues, including communicating with employees, helping a diverse team handle with conflict, dealing with discrimination whose original language is not English and learning which rewards are valued by different groups.

Our Nation is made up of people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, customs and beliefs. It is those differences that contribute to the richness and strength of our society. Like our Nation, the workforce is also becoming more and more diverse. As a result, in order to recruit, hire and retain the best people from every background and community, we must foster diversity in our workforce, manage it effectively, and value what it has to offer.

A diverse workforce is critical for any organization that seeks to improve and maintain a competitive advantage. Focusing on diversity and looking for ways to achieve an inclusive environment is not just a “nice to have objective,” it makes a good business sense. A diverse workforce offers greater productivity and a competitive edge. Diversity improves the quality of our workforce and offers a higher return on our investment in human capital. Our agency’s future depends on the quality of employees we recruit

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