Disadvantages Of Dna Testing

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J’Twan Sullivan
April 25, 2017
Section 08
Ms. Rittman
Assignment 5
Case A DNA Frightens Victim
1) If you were the judge, would give Willison Bern a new trial? If was a judge, I would give Mr. Bern a new trail. DNA Forensic help determines if the suspect was at the scene of the crime and if the suspect left behind any strands of DNA. DNA testing or (PCR) helps test DNA to see if it matches up with the DNA found at the scene of the crime.
2) IF you were the prosecutor, what arguments would give for not using DNA testing? . These biological samples can be a source of critical information about an individual. This critical information includes personal information about familial relationships and genetic disorders. The samples can also be a potent source of information about certain genetic traits like predilection to antisocial behavior.
3) If you were the attorney, what arguments would you use? The number of wrongful convictions can be reduced using DNA profiling. The proper use of DNA profiling can help rule out clear non-matches in paternity cases and crimes in which DNA evidence is present. This can be helpful to those who are wrongly or falsely accused.
4) Margaret is an eyewitness. Which is more reliable, an eyewitness or DNA testing? Why? I would have to choose DNA testing; DNA testing has come a long way technology are mover advance and accurate today. Several studies have been conducted in the past on human memory and on people’s capacity to remember events

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