Disadvantages Of Domestic Pig

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Swine is of the phylum chordate, class mammalian, order Artiodactyla, family suidae, genus Sus Linn. The modern breeds of pigs evolved from different crossings between the two original types and the present day domestic pig.

Characteristics of Swine

1. Superior feed conversion rate. Estimated feed conversion ratio of pigs is 3kg feed per kg live weight gain., however, feed conversion ratio is affected by age of the pig, quality of feed and feeding system, exposure to extreme weather, genetic variation and health status of the pig.

2. Swine store fat rapidly and no other animal produces per unit of live weight at the expense of little feed like swine
3. Swine are prolific and bring quick return

4. Swine enterprise requires moderate investment

5. Swine have better dressing percentage, yielding 65-80% of their live weight when dressed.

6. Pork is highly nutritious

7. Swine are sensitive to unfavourable rations and careless management

8. Swine are susceptible to numerous diseases and parasites.

Breeds of Swine
There are about 60 recognized breeds of domestic pigs in the world among which are : i. Large White Yorkshire

ii. Middle White Yorkshire

iii. Land race

iv. Berkshire

v. Tamworth

vi. Chester white

vii. Duroc

viii. Hereford.

Description of Some Breeds of Swine.

1. Large White Yorkshire.
This is an English Bacon breed, their sow are good mothers,

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