Disadvantages Of Drama

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1. Introduction The main objective of this essay is to conduct a typological classification of the drama techniques and activities that can be used in secondary education for teaching English as a foreign language, focused on those used in the socialization stage of a didactic unit. We also aim to establish definitions for key terms such as “drama” and “dramatic activities” apposing them to that of “theatre”, to know how previous works have studied the use of drama in education and to detect the didactic moment in which the dramatic techniques are more effective. This paper was conceived to provide teaching resources for students of English who are interested in pursuing teaching as a career and for secondary teachers of English. This essay…show more content…
The first and most important step is to find a topic. In this case we chose to study the use of drama techniques in English Language Teaching. In order to do so we had to collect specific bibliography from online catalogues and journals, and books from the library. Subsequently, we determined our objectives and the way we meant to achieve them, creating the index by which we would base our study. Later on, we defined the basic terminology and ideas necessary for the understanding of the topic, and reviewed the theory produced around the issue, exposing the different books found dealing with drama in English Language Teaching. Then it was necessary to explain what a didactic unit is and the different stages enclosed in it, emphasising on the socialization stage, and also stressing on the importance of the individualization stage, as the techniques explained are those that can be included in that phase of the unit. Right after, we established our classification, defining, explaining and illustrating some of the many drama techniques used in this socialization stage, more specifically in secondary education. We highlighted six techniques: role-play, simulation, drama games, guided improvisation, acting play scripts, and prepared improvised drama. After having studied the subject we drew on a conclusion and we examined if the objectives we set were achieved. Likewise, as the last part of the paper, we organised a list of all the works that had been cited. Finally, it was necessary to carefully proofread the whole of the text in order to correct possible grammar or content mistakes and to make sure the text was coherent and well
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