Disadvantages Of Dress Code

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In 1969, the Supreme Court ruled that a students right to freedom of speech is not to be applied at school (Buggs). The Supreme Court came to this decision after Mary Beth Tinker was suspended from her school for wearing a black armband to protest the Vietnam War (Buggs). This case, while it is important, marks the start of dress code, an issue of controversy that is still going on today. To fully understand the matter, you need to know the history of dress code, the benefits of having it, and the disadvantages of having it. The controversy over dress code has been going on for quite sometime, but the history of it is the most important part. The history of dress code goes all the way back to 1969 when the Supreme Court ruled that a students…show more content…
The history of dress code is a very long one and it is full of people having different opinions on this issue. People are either for dress dress code or they are against it. There is typically no in between. The people who are for dress code typically think that the benefits of having it are too good to take away. The benefits of dress code can include that they help protect the students from intruders, that dress code makes everybody look equal, and that it teaches students to dress appropriately. However, there are just as many disadvantages as there are benefits. The disadvantages if dress code include that it gives off the impression that our government and school discourages individuality, that it sends off the message to conform to a group, and that having dress code can slow a students emotional development. The history of dress code, the benefits of dress code, and the disadvantages of dress code are important to know because they can help you develop an informed decision on whether or not there should be a dress code. This information is important because potentially help dissolve the issue until a final decision has been reached and the controversy has

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