Disadvantages Of Drinking Coffee

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Caffeine, the main stimulant found in coffee, works on a chemical level to give people a boost of energy. But how does the whole process actually work scientifically, and why do some people need more coffee to stay awake than others? There may be several health benefits to drinking coffee, nevertheless, there are some disadvantages. There are actually 400 million cups of coffee consumed around the world each year.
On the chemical level, caffeine is similar to adenosine, a chemical that actually makes people sleepy. When we drink coffee, caffeine binds to our brain 's adenosine receptors, which prevents the chemical from binding with the receptors and making us tired. For people who regularly drink coffee in abundant amounts, our brains form more adenosine receptors, so it takes more coffee to keep us awake. That also helps explain why people are so exhausted and irritable when they try to wean themselves off of coffee, as having more adenosine receptors means more adenosine makes its way into the brain. Caffeine also builds up the adrenaline
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Studies suggest that coffee increases heart rate, thanks to caffeine 's impact on hormones and neurotransmitters. But then again, drinking coffee in moderation—one to three cups per day–should not have a noticeable impact on a healthy adult. According to Mayo Clinic, some habitual drinkers may have a slightly higher blood pressure, while other people develop a tolerance and are not affected in the long term. There isn 't a clear explanation for why caffeine causes this increase in blood pressure, but it is likely due to increased adrenaline and other hormone responses brought on by the stimulant. Experts believe caffeine also stimulates the colonic muscles, prompting bowel movements. Plus, if you 're drinking it hot, the warm liquid can help relax the colon and prompt muscle contractions, adding to the laxative effect. When the muscles in the gallbladder are stimulated, it increases emptying, which reduces the risk of

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