Disadvantages Of Dyslexia Children

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Other than that, Swarbrick and Marshall (2004) cited in Marshall (2013) stated most of dyslexia children have difficult in learning include reading and writing. He mentioned dyslexia children have confusing letters with similar appearance such as ‘b’ and ‘d’, ‘n’ and ‘u’. Dyslexia children also facing difficult in learning, remembering letter and difficult understand mathematical concept and express it in word even they always repeat practice. They also mention that the letters and words on the page are moved, blurred and appear reversed. For example, the words "was" seem like "saw." Besides, dyslexia children also complain of dizziness, headaches or stomach aches while reading. In this situation sometimes only the tricks for them to avoid…show more content…
Based on Wood (2006), there are dyslexia in specific characteristic. Firstly, phonological dyslexia is the common type of dyslexia. This type of dyslexia is making the children having trouble in term of identifying phonemes whereby sounds in words and they difficult in matching letters to sounds. These children are struggle to read with later produces nonsense words. Second types is about visual dyslexia or surface dyslexia. This type of problem children able to see and sound out the words but who but unable to distinguish, making interpretation and remember what they already seen. So, it will make them read slowly and phonetically. Third type is auditory dyslexia where there are similarities pronounce the word through the visual process but they face problems in carrying out activities related to the hearing function. Meaning that, these children have problems in reading such as difficult for differentiate the sound that they heard, identify sound in each of words and divide word into certain syllables. Forth is Visual-Auditory dyslexia or dysgraphia. In this type, children have difficulty in using both senses (vision and hearing). The effect will occur through interference in the process of receiving information through visual and auditory. Hence, it will give negative impact towards children such as pressure and low…show more content…
Dyslexia can be inheritable because it can been existing gene families from dyslexia children. This already show that genetic can be categories as the main factor of dyslexia children. Based on Nijakowska (2010), genetic is one of the oldest attempt to explain the causes of dyslexia. This is because hereditary is one of dyslexia certified in population genetic studies in which it investigates the inheritance patterns such as individual or genes that may be associated with dyslexia. A study that conducted by Ahmad Arip, Hanafi and Zakaria (2014) already shown that dyslexia is caused by chromosome 1, 15 and 16 which can be inherited from generation to another generation. In some cases, family members were found to have experienced the same problem, only differentiation between them is the level of

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