Disadvantages Of E Banking

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In recent years the rapid development of information technology through internet, liberalization & globalization has triggered the ways of doing business. Today distance and time barriers have almost vanished and the world has become an integrated community of buyers and sellers.
Internet has revolutionized every industry significantly in the last decade & banking industry is one among them . Products and services are radically shifted to digital form and delivered through the internet. It offers an interactive platform with its diverse electronic service s that enables the customers to get attracted towards it and move to the forefront of technology priorities.
Below fig 1. Shows the various services used by customers
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Also online banking has grown in a big way in nations like France, Canada, Australia, Poland, South Africa and Belgium.
There are numerous benefits of Online banking undoubtedly. It saves time by allowing direct transaction from office, home or any place. The virtual medium relieves customers from visiting the bank and waiting in a queue and provides a mental and physical relief from the unwanted rushes in the bank.
The second important advantage is the convenience. The customer can pay phone and electricity bills via online banking without rushing to the collection outlets. It helps in avoiding delayed payments.
Online banking transactions can be performed at any time and from anywhere. All one need is a basic computer system connected to the Web. Also it is an eco-friendly process as it does not consume volumes of paper like conventional banking modes and hence helps protect the environment. The process is very cost-effective. It saves on infrastructure & no. of employess hired for a particular job to perform all the firm's banking-related functions. Online banking has several other benefits as shopping online, buying tickets, making advanced bookings to name a
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Also a need for high levels of security & use of networks which would facilitate centralized databases and distributed processing. Regular Technology plans with periodical up gradation along with Business process re-engineering. There has to be an address of the issue of human relations in a computerized environment and last but not the least the haring of technology experiences.
1.4 FEATURES OF E-BANKING Source: PSS group (2011)
Figure: 4. E-banking features
a. Safety concern around ATMs.
b. Fraudsters at ATMs.
c. Risk of providing card number when buying on-line.
Critical Analysis of the effectiveness of e-banking services of private & public sector banks in India
1. Analyze e-banking services in India.
2. Evaluate customers viewpoint using e-banking Services
3. Evaluate Banker’s viewpoint on promoting e-banking services with special reference to 2 government & 2 private banks. PNB (Govt.) SBI (Govt.) HDFC (Pvt.) ICICI

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