Disadvantages Of E Cigarettes

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While the use of the e-cigarettes or vape nowadays had increasing aggressively as an alternatives of smoking and even to stop smoking is actually unreasonable.And what worsen more is what social justify and think about the vape are . They themselves claimed that vape is safe and good alternatives in order to stop smoking eventhough the effect , ingredients used are still under research . While many campaign against e-cigarettes had been done , its still not enough and success to educate people as e-cigarettes have one major advantage which is a massive population of users, many of whom credit the product with helping them to quit smoking, and who loudly defend their choice to vape. However , it can be denied that e-cigarettes gives greater advantages compared to the traditional…show more content…
According to the CDC, e-cigarette use among both high school and middle school students tripled in one year . This rise in use of e-cigarettes among youth has many critics up in arms, as they believe it proves what they have always feared, that e-cigarettes are designed to be more attractive to teenagers and adolescents. There are many reasons why youth are easily attracted to e-cigarettes .For examples, companies can still advertise e-cigarettes on TV where something traditional cigarettes haven’t been able to do since 1971. In addition, e-cigarettes are also be able to advertise through product placement. Critics are concerned that the overexposure on television and in movies is glorifying e-cigarettes and making them more attractive and acceptable for youth to use.Plus , with the use of internet connection where even children can buy it online . Furthermore , the manufacturing of a variety of sweet flavors, is designed to entice and attract teens to purchase the product . And e-cigarettes are easier for youth to obtain than traditional cigarettes where youth in 8 different states are allowed to purchase
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