Disadvantages Of E Commerce

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• Alternative income source:Business people and organizations in developed countries have been generating around more than 800 million dollars in revenue through e-commerce. It can be big source of income for Mr. Karim. • No physical boundary: E-commerce is not limited to certain area of business and nor is it physical. E-commerce business has no physical boundary and it is not limited to an area. Customers can order a product from home or even from outside the city. • Price modification: Customers are welcoming this new mode of business than the traditional business because customers can easily buy products from their home or check the price changes and details about any product. Elderly people or bodily disabled customers can buy products online. • Cheap rent: Website monthly rent is very cheap and the items in website are very centralized and organized. E-commerce is the future of business and it is expanding rapidly. Mr. Karim can benefit from the potentials of e-commerce and it will help achieve his goal. Since the people of Bangladesh are getting used to the internet and computer systems so the daily lives of people in Bangladesh will change and that will also affect the growth of e-commerce in a very positive way. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce: Advantages: *Can reach market without any geographic barriers in different locations throughout the world. * It creates the possibility of creating a virtual business community. * Providing price
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