Disadvantages Of E-Governance

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The e-governance should be aimed to offer an increased portfolio of public services to citizens in an efficient and cost effective manner. It allows for government transparency because it allows the public to be informed about the working and policies of government. Specifically, e-governance offer following advantages:

4.1 Speed: The use ICT in providing government services makes communication speedier. The use of Internet, Phones, Cell Phones have reduced the time taken in normal communication.
4.2 Cost Reduction: The cost incurred towards stationery is minimized through e-governance practices. Paper-based communication needs lots of stationary, printers, computers, etc. which calls for continuous heavy expenditure. Internet and Phones makes communication cheaper saving valuable money for the Government. It also reduces the need for manpower of dealing with bulk of paper based work. Thus it enables the process to be handled by lesser employees and therefore leads to reduction of operational costs. E-Governance will allow government agencies to centralize decision making, purchasing and various activities. The centralization of various activities eliminates inefficient and costly redundancies. Further, the cost savings is achieved in operating virtual environment instead of using brick and mortar office.

4.3 Transparency: Use of ICT allows the delivery of government services in a transparent manner. All the information of the Government would be made available on the

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