Disadvantages Of Ecommerce Marketing

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E-commerce has made a marked impact on traditional methods of marketing and sales. The ability that e-commerce has provided enabling consumers to easily shop and purchase products online has opened the door for new and innovative marketing techniques as well. With consumers spending greater amounts of time online, the internet is continuing to increase in importance in influencing consumer purchasing decisions (Manzoor, 2017). In this week’s assignment, e-commerce marketing and strategies will be examined in order to better understand the impact these concepts have on consumers. The transition from offline marketing techniques to online based capabilities is a natural progression based on the rapidly expanding online market and technological advances in e-commerce (Manzoor, 2017). Both consumers and retailers benefit from this ability. Consumers have the ability to shop for a relatively unlimited selection of products and services at relatively stable and reliable pricing, while retailers can showcase products and services, make rapid changes to offerings, and provide customizable shopping experiences to consumers (Manzoor, 2017). While these capabilities greatly enhance the online shopping experience, there are several advantages and disadvantages to e-commerce marketing. There are several advantages to e-commerce marketing. E-commerce marketing offers additional sources of marketing for a business due to the addition of alternative marketing and distribution
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