Disadvantages Of Ecommerce

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8% of the Entire Product Page Traffic Eventually Converts to Sales When it comes to the eCommerce world, one of the most important yet under-appreciated hassles to sales is successfully driving visitors to click and take a look at the products. On the downside, data has revealed that, on an average, eCommerce portals have a 33.9% bounce rate. This eventually means that nearly one-third of all visitors that arrive at your business website abandon it without even browsing through your product inventory. However, on the brighter side, when an online shopper clicks to take a look at the product, the chances of closing the sale are increased. Enter your details accurately below, and we will email you a free copy of the complete report with exclusive extras such as a scatterplot of the data and checklist of things you can carry out in order to optimize the conversion rates with regard to your products. Around the World Wide Web, several studies have been conducted to offer eTailers with estimates when it comes to average website-wide conversion rates. • For instance, a Q1 2015 Monetate report states that the eCommerce conversion rate across the globe is 2.32%. • Bigcommerce, too, corroborates with the assertion by Monetate, thus suggesting that the widely accepted eCommerce conversion rate on an average is 2% to 3%. • In the study by Wolfgang Digital 2014 eCommerce KPI Benchmarks, Alan Coleman and his competent team effectively analyzed 56 million visits spanning across 30

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