Disadvantages Of Economic Globalization

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No doubt economic globalization has several benefits, but it can become a problem for long term if it is not resolved in time. It has a potential to leave an impact on the whole economy, which eventually would disrupt the working conditions of a country, especially in case of developing countries. So, the research questions arise that: How would local hiring as well as income allocation structure get affected, in case domestic firms comes in the contact of economic globalization with their individual choice? And In what way does hiring stucture present in a country, which is also associated with decline in poverty and income allocation get influenced with introduction of FDI in the system? Also, How the issue of disparity existing among nations could be minimized?
The approaches that are leveraged should fit with the research question in an adequate manner. The theory as well as the pragmatic evidence cannot provide appropriate outcomes at times. If one needs to discover, a general outcome which is that the positive prophecies do not deal with the sudden changes that occurs in economic globalization. It is not applicable to enhance FDI in the country and does not decline the graph of inequality in a nation. The clear outcome could be derived if the policies are set in the right manner and government as well as the private sector has an equal role in implementing them. Other than this, foreign direct investment is needed to develop an economy to survive in a competitive
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