Disadvantages Of Education Essay

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Getting every child into school: this is essential so that each child can enjoy the right to be educated. It is not such a simple matter, though, since many of those who are not yet in school suffer particular disadvantages.

They may be:
. girls - not sent to school by their parents, or doing household chores and looking after smaller brothers and sisters; the school may be too risky for girls to go there;
. poor, and unable to afford schooling, or needing to work to support the family;
. in a conflict area, where schools are disrupted or destroyed;
. disabled or affected by HIV/AIDS, unable to get to school or without adequate care;
. in remote or rural areas, where the schools are too far away, or there just aren 't any;
. moving around - in nomadic or migrant families and not able to spend time at school;
. on the street - orphans and others having to live as best they can without help;
. from minority groups - not speaking the language of school, or looked down on by others.
. We need to recognize the importance of life skills - both practical and psycho-social - as part of education which leads to the full development of human potential and to the development of society;
. The links between psycho-social skills and practical skills
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As long as the quality of education is maintained, there may be some innovative approaches which need to be tried - these should be recognized as valid. Ensuring that primary education is a good education: it is no good putting every child in school unless education really enables them to learn and grow. In many countries in all parts of the world, children leave primary school without the tools to go on learning - like reading and writing fluently. Or they may not acquire knowledge that they can apply to their daily lives. Children must leave primary school with a taste for learning and the skills to learn. A quality education is
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