Disadvantages Of Effective Communication

850 Words4 Pages Effective Communication Effective communication has always been a critical success factor for any project, business unit, department and organization to achieve organizational objectives. One.ERP/One.Finance project is very expensive, once top management has decided to adopt this new system then it is very important to communicate the justifications and benefits of One.Finance project to end users so that they are motivated and don’t resist. Hence, proper communication and exchange of knowledge can lead to acceptance and successful implementation of One.Finance project. One.ERP/One.Finance project has very complex reporting hierarchy because many stakeholders are involved in this project. Several people are included in communication chain and at the end, sometimes; topic deviate from the original agenda and becomes something else. Therefore, it is very important to have very effective and quality communication involving right people instead of exchanging the chain of emails. The accuracy and frequency of information is also important for effective communication between local and central teams as well as functional and operational teams. Within Deutsche Telekom group, various means of communication are available such as email, telephone, web meetings, videocon and face to face meetings. But the important point is to respond in time either the required feedback/information can be provided or not. Above all that effective communication is not about the language but
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