Disadvantages Of Electronic Communication

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Since the early 1990s, national and international networks, on the one hand, and local area networks (LANs), on the other, have been greatly used for instructional objectives within social and critical education methods. As Warschauer (as cited in Ortega, 1997) mentions, the use of electronic mail, bulletin boards, or discussion lists on worldwide networks such as the Internet enables learners and teachers to access and share information in a time- and space- independent fashion. Contrastingly, the instructional use of LANs, which connects computers in a laboratory or a classroom to each other, has introduced the possibility of real-time, synchronous, many-to-many written discussion by a whole class or by smaller groups within the class. Selfe…show more content…
Some students prefer to learn a new language more through electronic technology than face-to-face in the classroom. Internet-based language learning provides learners with opportunities to practice with confidence. New Technologies can make the language learning process more friendly and…show more content…
In this kind of writing, the writer not only gives information but also presents an argument with supporting ideas and opposing ideas of an argumentative issue. The writer should clearly take his stand and write as if he is attempting to induce an opposing audience to accept new beliefs or behavior. The primary purpose is to convince people to change beliefs that many of them do not want to.

Although writing is one of the major responsibilities of academics, and although no one can ignore its importance in academic life, students of English as a foreign language (EFL) particularly find writing not only an important but a more challenging task to master than oral skills (Marandi, 2002). Therefore, extensive instruction of writing is required and learners should experience writing in different genres, particularly the argumentative one because of being the most challenging genre of
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