Disadvantages Of Electronic Mail

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FUNCTIONS AND BENEFITS OF E-MAIL WHAT IS E-MAIL? Email is the shorthand of electronic mail. It is similar to normal postal letter containing address, routing information and content. Almost immediately transfer of text, voice and videos messages to one device to another device, normally in excess of the internet. Electronic mail is the exchange computer stored messages by telecommunication’s-mail are normally encoded in ASCII text. On the other hand you can send non text files such as images graphics and sound files. Electronic mail was one of the first uses of internet and it is one of the best and still popular uses of internet. A proportion of whole traffic over the internet is electronic mail. HISTORY:- History of electronic mail predates…show more content…
A reply in the heat of the moment can’t be easily retracted, but it can cause lasting damage.  Information overload:- Many people send to you too much data. They cover their back citing need to know as the validation. For that worst thing the thing is learn how to use the email effectively and efficiently. Therefore you will be decrease time wasted on it.  Lacking the personal touch:- Many things are best left at large. Electronic mail can never strike the hand written letter when it comes to relationships.  Misunderstandings:- To get email from those people who do not take time after writing and clicking to send. Either to clarify emails that is time wasted, worse, and acting on false impression of the message.  No respite:- Home garden needs to continuously maintenance like that your email inbox is like the garden and want the maintenance when you leave and will continue to develop. Ignorance is at your own risk.  Pressure to reply:- When you receive the electronic mail you have urge to reply. It is a basic phenomenon that you have to reply for the completion of conversation or if it is any type of business purpose mail or any other group information then it’s up to you to share it with your other group members for the benefit of
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