Disadvantages Of Electronic Media

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Currently, science and technology permeate every aspect in our life. A great variety of electronic productions emerge in an endless stream, which brings us infinite convenience and freshness. It is calculated that "tablet sales are tipped to surpass traditional laptop and desktop sales in 2016, and mobile sales will go well beyond both" (Nichols 33). Meanwhile, amount of traditional industries are confronted with a tremendous challenge under the impact of new technology. For instance, the print media is caught in an awkward condition and faced with a strong opponent, the electronic media. In accordance with a study, "since the year 2003, the amount of printed material in use for recreational purposes has gone down whilst the use of TV and other…show more content…
On the other hand, it is no doubt that all the living things have its existent value. As traditional media, the print media must own some irreplaceable superiority to survive in the long time. First, It is relatively safe that private information can 't be exposed and spreaded to everywhere. Moreover, pirates can be controlled to some extent. Second, it doesn 't have too many limitations. People can use it wherever you are, and newspapers as well as books are cheap to buy, so those poor people can also read books and attend school. For example, India has a big population, and it still is a developing country, so it is impossible to popularize the electronic media, and they also think "on-line articles are not as in-depth as the print versions" (Patil 9), so the print media is given more attention. It is reported that "the total circulation of newspapers increased from 156, 719, 209 copies in 2004-05 to 180, 738, 677 copies in 2005-06" (Patil 13), and that is just ten years ago, now its trend still keeps increasing. Third, the print media has an ancient history, some people would like to chase classical beauty and make themselves literary, hence they always collect newspapers, magazines, and books. Some people like the odor of paper, thus they like reading newspapers and books in paper. According to a survey conducted in Israel in 2015, the people who like the smell of books and the feel of print book take up 23%, and habit takes up 20% (Davidovitch, Yavich, & Drucknan 133 ). Hence, it is obvious that the print media will be

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