Disadvantages Of Email: Tread, Bread And Fail

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E-mail simply means electronic mail and from a user point of view straightforward. As Haworth (1995,) notes it is a ‘ bread –and –butter application’ .Its first and foremost advantage is its ease of use. Everyone one who has an Internet account , also has an e-mail address( e.g. mailto:soulef.boulmerka@yahoo.fr) .All one requires is an e-mail client programme and world wide communication is within one’s grasp. These e-mail applications permit users to write messages off-line and then send them. This makes e-mail one of the cheapest Internet tools. Furthermore, it makes traditional mail somewhat superfluous and compared to it, e-mail is fast and there are no materials costs, such as paper or envelopes. In addition, e-mail programmesinclude various useful functions that intensify effective communication.Amongst other things, e-mail applications can: send and receive new mail, save mail to a file system, reply to a message received, include parts of previously received messages in responses, forward mail, and send (blind) carbon copies (LeLoup&Ponterio, 1995).Another useful aspect is the possibility to send file attachments with e-mails. This means that any file on one’s computer, such as word document, can be sent to anyone who has an e-mail address too. Resources There are many organisations on the World Wide Web that supply pen pal services .In most cases they are free of charge and anyone can inscribe. They are mainly used by young people all over the world, so they are

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