Disadvantages Of Employment Test

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Employment test is used to determine whether the job applicant is suitable for a position. Each employer has their own employment test to select and recruit the right’s employee for serving employer. There are three major types of employment test which is cognitive aptitude test, personality test and work sample test.
The first type of employment tests is cognitive aptitude and also known as cognitive ability. Cognitive aptitude refers to someone knowledge bases on something and it is part of selection of employee processes. Cognitive aptitude tests are use to determine general reasoning ability, memory, vocabulary, verbal fluency and numerical ability of job applicant (Mondy & Mondy, 2014). Cognitive aptitude test is a form of IQ tests (Mondy
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Besides, aptitude tests can measure things such as mechanical aptitude and clerical aptitude. For instances, the job applicant will be given test of speed of typing and ability to use a particular computer program in order to fit in a position. Hunter and Schmidt (1996) have been found cognitive aptitude to be the best, general predictor of performance across a variety of jobs. More specifically, Schmidt & Hunter (1998) showed that cognitive ability has been correlated highly with job performance. This cognitive aptitude tests have advantage and disadvantage. Jones et al (1991) noted that this type of test provided a good level of prediction for all jobs. This test can reduce business costs by identifying individuals for hiring, promotion or training that possesses the needed skills and abilities. Also, can be administered via paper and pencil or computerized methods easily to large numbers. However, this test demonstrates adverse impact against minorities (Campbell, 1996; Hartigan & Wigdor, 1989). In other words, when…show more content…
Unlike cognitive aptitude to determine the cognitive ability, personality test suitable to determine the personal behavior. Personality test is the test that use projective techniques and trait inventories to measure basic aspects of an applicant’s personality such as introversion, stability or neuroticism and motivation (Dessler, 2011). The measurement is very important to make sure the organization select the right people to full fill the empty place in the organization. So that the employee can give the good and quality performance to make sure the company can get a high profit. Personality test can redict dysfunctional job behaviors and identify candidates oversees assignment (Dessler, 2012). the organization can practice personality test when they want to recruit employee. So that the employee can get the quality and positive type of employee. Company can reduce the cost of operation when every worker in the organization have the abilities and skills that organization need. The result of personality test can not be function when the candidate give the dishonest answers. Some candidate give the positive answers rather then how they really are. It is because every candidate have the high expectation to get the job. So that, the personality test are difficult to use and evaluate the suitable employee. The example of personality test that we can use is Integrity test (Mondy,

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