Disadvantages Of Engineering

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An engineer is a person who designs, builds, or even maintain engines, machines, etc. Engineers use a lot of technology to help them build, maintain certain things and to figure out different ways to help the community. There are many different types of engineers, all engineers help make the world a better place. The most important thing that all engineers face it doesn’t matter what type of engineering they all must make their invention safe to the public. Engineers that make machines for medical care are called biomedical engineers which study biology and medicine to develop technologies related to health care.
They also develop medical diagnostic machines, medical instruments, artificial organs, joint replacement parts, and prosthetic devices. If something were to go wrong with device that was helping a patient they would informed the creators and they might even have to have a recall. Which mean take all the devices/machines back and see what’s going on with their invention. They would also make changes and improvements to the safely of the patients. A study showed that in one hospital, half of 10 life threating complications and half of all fatales were not reported.
In my opinion I feel like there could have been more complications that were reported, but they stopped reporting so it wouldn’t raise questions about what was going on with that certain type of machine. Which could also hurt the company’s business by medical care facilities not wanting to use there
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